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Welcome to the official online sattamatka play android app for mobile. This is the best Online sattamatka Play application to Play Matka Online.


(10:00 AM - 12:05 pm)


(11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)


(01:00PM - 02:00 PM)

Main Sridevi Night

(07:15 PM - 08:15 PM)

Milan Star Line

(09.30 AM - 08.30 PM)

Play Syndicate Night

(07:40 PM - 08:45 PM)


(09:05 PM - 11:05 PM)


(09:40 PM - 11:59 PM)

Play Disawar Night

(07.30 PM - 10.30 PM)


(04:05 PM - 06:05 PM)


(3:15 PM - 5:15 PM)


( 02.30 PM )

Rajdhani Night

(09:32 PM - 11:48 PM)

Dhanlaxmi Day Matka

(12:30 PM - 02:30 PM)


(8:30 PM - 10:30 PM)

Kamdhenu Matka

(02:35 PM - 04:35 PM)

Kalyan Star line

(11.00 AM - 10.00 PM)


( 04.00 PM )

Play Online Faridabad

(06:00 PM)


(10:00 PM - 03:30 AM)

And Many More Play Bazaar.....

Full Bhav / Rates
King Bazar

★ Single Digit = 1 ₹ pe 10 ₹

★ Second Digit = 1 ₹ pe 10 ₹

★ Jodi = 1 ₹ pe 100 ₹

Regular Bazar

★ Single Akda = 1 ₹ pe 10 ₹

★ Jodi = 1 ₹ pe 100 ₹

★ Single Panna = 1 ₹ pe 150 ₹

★ Double Panna = 1 ₹ pe 300 ₹

★ Tripple Panna = 1 ₹ pe 800 ₹

★ Sangam = 1 ₹ pe 100 ₹

Starline Bazar

★ Single Akda = 1 ₹ pe 10 ₹

★ Single Panna = 1 ₹ pe 150 ₹

★ Double Panna = 1 ₹ pe 300 ₹

★ Tripple Panna = 1 ₹ pe 800 ₹

3 L+


30 K

App Rating


Client Review


2.1 L



How to Play Satta Matka APP

Play on Satta Matka App now and win huge rewards:-

★ Visit Website and Download the SM Games App.

★ The process needs to be completed to register the app.

★ The minimum amount to be deposited is INR 300.

★ Money can be deposited through several modes like Phonepe, Bhim, Google pay, and Razor Pay,50+ Netbanking Options, and multiple Mobile Wallets.

★ Proceeding to the further level, once you finish the game and win, your points will ascend accordingly.

★ Our app contains all exciting features and one of them is the withdrawal facility which is available 24/7.

About Us

Satta matka is the term used in India for gambling-betting sport. Satta Matka Results is the leading website among every satta matka community because of the incredible attributes and innumerable thrilling satta matka games. Since the sport of satta matka has been introduced online, its demands are also increasing day by day. Our team looks after every aspect to establish a healthy environment for you. You can dream of becoming a millionaire in a very short span and we will help you to fulfill the dream. Sometimes a reference is required to play and win the satta matka games which has been well developed by our satta experts. These professionals are also called satta kings who have mastered this sport and provide unique tips and tricks to make you win. You will be pleased to see the live updates displayed on the website that is posted on time and the results of every game will flabbergast you. Our results of each satta matka game are accurately and precisely displayed. Rest assured, our games would be a great source of money, filling your bank accounts with loads of cash. This hasn't stopped yet, there are more things to reveal amazing things about our website.

Satta Matka App Features

★ King Bazar Game

★ Starline Panel charts

★ King Jodi charts

★ Astrological charts

Satta Matka Guessing

★ Online Casino games

★ Online Poker

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You will discern it as the most surprising game, once you will start playing on our website. You can compare every other source with us and you will be happy to join us as we are one of the top satta matka gamers. Our brains are filled with confusion and hence to solve the same, we have organized the best customer support team to handle every concern and question. Satta matka has indeed proved to be the most played and admired games till date. And our website is the best platform for you to experience genuine and reliable traits. If you have never played satta matka games or you rarely play this sport then give it a try this time through website and win a massive amount of money.

Welcome to Online Casino

Welcome to all the gracious online casino players! Introducing the first app which is way ahead of its time with live casino options. Play and make zillions with effortless clicks. Satta Matka app offers an intense gaming experience and ferociously addicting features. The game that offers all the millennials an opportunity to make real money while playing online casinos. The top-notch gaming experience that intensifies the hunger to win again and again with top-quality service, this gaming app has it all.

The world has faced many changes recently and one of the things that stood out would be the craze of people inclining towards online gaming. With the launch of sattamatka app, one can now be the ace of the game and win unlimited money at any time from anywhere. All you need is one electronic device be it a phone or laptop to experience this unfathomable gaming hub. The app is a home for all sorts of gambling games, giving a chance to its players to bet on many games on one platform. The app introduced some top games like:-

Teen Patti

★ Roulette

★ Baccarat

★ Andar Bahar

★ Dragon Tiger

The app offers complete assistance 24/7 for all national and international players. With assistance, one can be assured of their complete safety. The app has one of the top-notch security and firewall services that makes it the safest app ever. Our safety is one of the top priorities in the gambling industry and the sattamatka app has successfully maintained its position on top. Every day we are getting over 10 lakh downloads increasing our gambling family and satisfying our benevolent users. This website is currently trending as the best website offering online casinos with live results. Now there’s no need to spend a lot on highly expensive casinos when you can get a better experience in apps and websites.



What User Say

Why Choose Us?

Making money from Matka is not like eating a choco-pie, especially from online ways of matka. Unlike the old-fashioned matka booking, the online matka gaming ways added several new features that amicably affect your winning chances immensely. And thus, understanding them is essential. Our website is serving all those features freely to users.

  • ★ The site has an application that allows the users and clients to play matka at their convenience. The app is safe and secures the private details of users. Downloading the app, you get to enjoy matka games listed under the primary markets like Regular, King, and Starline.
  • ★ The site has an application that allows the users and clients to play matka at their convenience. The app is safe and secures the private details of users. Downloading the app, you get to enjoy matka games listed under the primary markets like Regular, King, and Starline.
  • ★ Accurate results are the essence of any game. The results are declared live in the app, and it also gets recorded accurately in the satta matka charts in the Panel and Jodi results section. Analysing these results charts help to plan strategies and calculate new methods for playing numbers.
  • ★ It is the right place for beginners to entertain matka gambling with a free live chat option. Initially, players get confused with several matka, new features, game variations, etc. Thus, a live chat option helps them acquire master tips from professionals and top players. Their tips fill them with confidence to place bets.
  • ★ Tips help every player to understand the game better. Free guessing tips are the best free service on this site. These tips are trustworthy, similar to dpboss matka thinking tips. Please note that these are not the guaranteed winning numbers but the lucky number with maximum probabilities.
  • ★ Apart from other features, weekly charts, astrology weekly, Panel and Jodi charts for the listed markets are free. Astrology's weekly chart is prepared to calculate the position of the stars. People essentially believe in astrology, select numbers from it, and often win.
  • ★ Not every player has the same patience level. A few of them lose hope and get frustrated with small losses. The blogs and articles published on the site are best for reading and learning more about games. Winning is a practice, and for that, you should know game terminologies, game variations, day and night matka games, utilization of features, master tips, etc. All this information is available in the blog section.
  • ★ Every player entering the matka world aspires to be a millionaire and a satta king. It is not fun to reach the expert level in a short period. The online matka is far more different from matka booking. So, if you're a user of this website and determined to be a satta king someday, then acquire our free services regularly and learn more from professionals.
  • ★ Do not pause games if you face troubles in payments or in-app errors. Our support team, equipped with an experienced technical team, are readily available 24/7 at your service. Contact them anytime and get your queries and issues solved instantly.
  • ★ Take advantage of the facility to deposit and withdraw instantly, whenever required.
  • ★ The site is also a wonderful place to enjoy online casino games. You can play several new casino games like Teen patti, dragon tiger, andhar bahar, roulette, poker, rummy, baccarat, live table games, slot games, AE-Sexy, Bollywood, Live table SSG, Cock-fight, Evolution, etc.


Satta Matka Results is a reliable platform to play games and make quick money online. It is ranked top in the matka world with a vast user base visiting daily to enjoy live rounds at a lower betting rate of Rs. 10/-.

Satta Matka Games app is a shortcut to enter into a world of matka where you get to enjoy numerous games under three top live markets, King, Starline, and Regular, sitting at the comfort of your zone.

Satta Matka Results is the right place to play and have fun in primary markets like King, Starline, and Regular. These markets are further classified into top popular games like Kalyan, Syndicate, Dubai, Disawar, and many more.

Matka world is highly known for its top primary markets like Regular, King, and Starline. These markets are further classified into numerous games played day and night. Some of them, like Kalyan, Milan, Rajdhani, Mumbai, Sridevi, Balaji, etc., are famous among punters for making daily profits.

Satta matka games are illegal on Indian grounds. The players participate in games in applications at their own risk. Nowadays, many people consider it an indoor sport because, unlike the old-fashioned matka booking, online matka games require you to understand the features and plan strategies.

You can start enjoying games by depositing a minimum sum of Rs. 300/- only.

You need to visit our official website, Satta Matka Results. Download the application from there. Register for free and add the mandatory information, including the bank details. Deposit a minimum sum of Rs. 300/- and start wagering in any of your choicest matka selecting under top three live markets, King, Starline, and Regular. The lower betting rate is Rs. 10/- in any matka.

You need not worry about your safety while playing on the Satta Matka Results website and its application. We guarantee to safeguard your private details. The app is modified with advanced technologies and data measurements to restrict privacy leakage. Deposits and withdrawals are made online via authentic payment gateways. The winning amount gets directly deposited in the wallet, and you can withdraw at any time.

Initially, it would be best to start with a lower betting rate of Rs. 10/- only. It is wise to limit your betting amount and bettings per day. Until you gain tremendous experience, knowledge, confidence and reach a level where losing some amount does not disturb your daily life schedules, and frustrate you, continue betting with lower amounts only.

Online gambling is enjoyable. You can directly play on the website, or the better option is to download the application. Take some time to explore the satta industry and its main markets. Properly list down different night and day game timings and select your choicest submarkets to play.

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