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What are the rules to play teen patti on satta matka results?

Teen patti is a traditional card game, also known as sugar. The game is nothing new, but it has attracted gamblers to test their luck and win cash for decades. It was believed to be a game played on special occasions by rich people. Any number of people used to play it, but a minimum of 3 people is required. It was a famous game also listed under the casino games. Usually, teen patti is never supported by prudent minds, which falls under gambling. Still, people play it in the dark hours sitting in the corners. The game never stopped, and with the growing world toward digital, the gaming platforms included teen patti played for free and cash.

What is teen patti?

It is a card game played in a group of a minimum of three players. Each player gets three cards, and they need to arrange them to their best rank without picking extra cards or using a joker. Depending on cards in your hands, you can decide to fold, bind, call, etc. The player at the end holding the highest cards wins the pot. Pot in teen patti is collected money from all the players to start and continue the game.

How to play online teen patti?

The online teen patti is played on gaming sites or in applications.

  • ★ Visit the official page of reputed online gaming websites and download the application.
  • ★ Signup, add the required details and deposit a minimum sum.
  • ★ Select a table of your choice and start playing.
  • ★ Reading the terms and applications is advisable to understand the game rules.
  • ★ If you’re a new player, better try some free games before starting with cash games. Though the basics of the game remained the same, the free games will provide a clear understanding of the online ways of teen patti.

Rules to play online teen patti

  • ★ Each player needs to add an Ante in the beginning.
  • ★ Each of them gets three cards to face down.
  • ★ The game begins with the player next to the dealer, in a clockwise direction.
  • ★ A player gets an option to play blind, i.e. add to Ante without seeing the cards.
  • ★ Once a player sees his cards, he can either continue topping up an Ante or else choose to fold the cards.
  • ★ Only a blind player can ask for a show when only one opponent remains in the game.
You can ask for a sideshow with the player immediately raising a bet only if he agrees. If he agrees, you can compare your cards and players having lower rank cards need to drop his cards. If both the hands have the same rankings, then a player who asked for the sideshow should fold.

Teen patti rankings from highest to lowest:

  • Trail: All the three cards of the same rank. For instance, KKK, 333, AAA, etc. AAA is the highest in all trails.
  • Pure Sequence or Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards of the same suit. For instance, hearts of 123, the spade of 456, diamonds of 789, etc.
  • Sequence or Straight: Three consecutive cards, but not of the same suit.
  • Colour or Flush: A flush of three cards in the same colour or suit. In the case of a draw, the highest card wins, for instance, hearts of 236 and hearts of 237. Here the winner is the second player with a heart of 237.
  • Pair or two of a kind: Out of three cards, two cards have the same rank. For instance, 233, 566, 844, etc., the third card will be compared in case of a draw. For example, when comparing 244 and 344, 344 is the winner as 3 is higher than 2.
  • High card: All the cards are of different suits and have no consecutive numbers or a pair. For instance, 3,6,K and 3, 5, A. The second hand with A will win as A is the highest card of all.

At the end

Teen patti has been an exciting player for decades. The players are always excited to unfold their cards to find if they got the highest-ranking cards. It is a partial luck game and a partial tricky game. The experts often bluff and convince others to drop the cards. The new players should start with free games to get some practice and then enter into the casino games for having fun with cash games. Satta Matka Results is a suitable platform for players who love casino games, including teen patti. The site has an online payment system, and the results are generated with a random number generator. It leaves no chances for error or doubts. For additional assistance, you can connect with our support team, which is highly educated and has a fair knowledge about games.

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